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The Red Cross

"The American Red Cross Central Maryland Chapter provides vital services and programs in the Baltimore Community."

One of the programs is the Nurse Assistant Training (NAT) program. In its 34th year, the proven program helps provide information and skills that nursing assistants needs to provide quality care in nursing homes, at home and in hospitals.  The course covers all aspects of care including care for people with chronic illnesses like HIV and AIDS as well as an aging population with degenerative conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. This training program meets federal and state requirements to become a certified nursing assistant whereby people can enter the healthcare field as nursing assistants and develop a career that will lead them and their families to self-sufficiency.

The program graduates 92% of those who enroll and places virtually all its graduates in a first job.

The Baltimore Women’s Giving Circle selected the NAT program for a grant in 2016 to provide 20 partial scholarships for low-income women from West Baltimore to enroll in the training program. The program offers low-income women, including those without a high school diploma, a chance to attain an entry-level job in a high demand profession.