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Grantee Stories

Read stories about the impact of Baltimore Women's Giving Circle grants on the community.

Grantee Story: Weekend Backpacks for Homeless Kids

All the organizations receiving grants from the BWGC are grateful and most put the money to good use, but with just the right recipient, who gets a grant at just the right time, our money can be tran...

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Asylee Women's Enterprise

There are doctors and lawyers and nursers and those with little eduction. They come from countries around the globe - Syria, Cameroon, Russia, Nigeria and Burundi, to name a few.

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Sister's Circle

Sisters Circle is a unique and proven combination of programming and resources to provide a comprehensive approach to mentor girls in grades 6-12 and beyond.

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Transforming Baltimore, One Young Woman at a Time!

Baltimore Leadership School of Young Women (BLSYW) helps low income seniors in Baltimore ZIP code 21211 gain access to benefits including Medicaid, bill payment assistance, and more.

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Goucher Prison Education Partnership
The Goucher Prison Education Partnership (GPEP), a division of Goucher College, aims to provide a liberal arts college education to students incarcerated in Maryland state prisons.

Founded in 2012, The Goucher Prison Education Partnership (GPEP), a division of Goucher College and recipient of a two- year $50,000 grant from the BWGC in 2017, aims to provide a liberal arts college...

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Kids Safe Zone

The Kids Save Zone Center was created as a safe place for approximately one hundred neighborhood children ages five to seventeen.

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