Membership and Joining the Circle

Who are Circle members?

The Circle welcomes all women.  We are an energetic, caring, curious and engaged group of women who represent a wide range of backgrounds, ages, and life experiences from professionals, entrepreneurs, students, philanthropists, grantees, non-profit board members, stay at home mothers to retirees.  We welcome new members throughout the year.

If I am interested or have a friend who is interested in the Circle, how can we get information?

Learn more about the Giving Circle by contacting: membership@thebwgc.org

OR Contact:

Baltimore Community Foundation
11 East Mt. Royal Avenue, 2nd Floor
Baltimore, MD 21202

Phone: 410.332.4172 
Fax: 410.837.4701

How much of my annual $1,150 contribution is tax deductible?

All of it.

How is my contribution used?

Most of your contribution goes to giving out grants.  If you under 46 years old, and elected for the reduced membership contribution, then $500 goes into the Grant pool and $100 goes towards our education and other programs. For our other members $1,000 goes directly towards our grants and $150 goes to our programming. 

How long is my commitment when I join?

The commitment is made year to year, one year at a time. If you wish, you may pay for more than one year at a time. Invoices are sent via electronic mail on or around July 1st.

When is my annual contribution due?

Our fiscal year is from July 1 - June 30. Existing members will receive an invoice on or about July 1. We appreciate payment promptly.  

What payment method may I use?

You may pay by check, online with a credit card or e-check, by wire, with securities, by recommending a grant from a donor-advised fund at the Baltimore Community Foundation, or by transfer from another charitable fund. See detailed information under Join Us on the BWGC website.

FaceBook and Instagram

How would I send you something to post on Facebook?

The BWGC uses Facebook and Instagram to share photos and news from Circle events. It's a great way to stay connected and learn about our grantees. Please feel free to visit our sites at https://www.facebook.com/theBWGC/  and https://www.instagram.com/thebwgc/ If a grantee has an event that it would like to publicize to Circle membership, please send the information to socialmedia@thebwgc.org. The Social Media team will be able to post information within 7 days.

Full Circle

Does the BWGC meet as a group?

Yes, there are four Full Circle meetings a year. At three of the meetings, policy experts, program operators and program beneficiaries speak about issues affecting women and their families, followed by a Q&A. At the fourth meeting, Circle members vote to select the new grants that will be awarded effective July 1.

May members bring a guest to a Full Circle Meeting?

Yes, to three of the four meetings, subject to space. Members bringing a guest must RSVP with the guest’s name and must accompany the guest to the meeting. The May Full Circle meeting is reserved only for members as that is when new grants are selected.


Whom do I contact if I have a question about my committee?

You should contact the leadership of the committee in which you are interested.  The committee’s co-chairs can be reached at the following emails:

Grants Committee: grants@thebwgc.org
Membership Committee: membership@thebwgc.org
Education Committee: education@theBWGC.org
Grantee Connect Committee: granteeconnect@thebwgc.org
Post Grants Committee: postgrants@theBWGC.org
Communications Committee: communications@thebwgc.org           
REDI Committee:


Do I have to join a committee?

No, not at all. But it is a great way to get involved and learn about the Circle.

May I join more than one committee?

Yes, but we recommend you first carefully consider the time commitment of each.

May members bring a guest to a committee meeting?

This varies by committee.  Please contact the leadership to confirm.


How are grants awarded?

Circle members are involved in all aspects of the decision-making process associated with grants awarded by the BWGC. Circle members who volunteer to be grant readers are organized into teams. Each team reviews a group of proposals to identify those that best address the BWGC grant criteria and warrant site visits. Subsequent to site visits, team members identify those proposals that they wish to recommend for funding. Circle members who attend funding presentations vote to select the new grantees. The awards are effective July 1.

How can I participate in the grants review process?

Sign up to serve on the Grants Committee when you join the Circle or renew your membership.

How does an organization receive information about applying for a grant?

Through the BWGC website or from an RFP (request for proposal) announcement emailed each fall to organizations in the Greater Baltimore area identified as providing services that relate to the BWGC mission. Circle members can request that a specific organization receive an RFP announcement by contacting grants@thebwgc.org. Organizations may add their names to our RFP list by contacting grants@thebwgc.org. Organizations do not need to receive an RFP announcement to apply for a grant; see Apply for a Grant on the BWGC website for information.