Our Mission

"Through collective giving and collaboration, The Baltimore Women's Giving Circle seeks to empower women and their families in the greater Baltimore area to achieve self-sufficiency."

The Giving Circle encourages members to participate in philanthropy through grant-making, education, advocacy and other community-based activities.

The Baltimore Women's Giving Circle at the Baltimore Community Foundation brings together women from diverse backgrounds with a common goal: to empower women and their families in Baltimore City and Baltimore County. By pooling and leveraging our enthusiasm and our intellectual and financial resources, we bring about change through the power of small grants. Our education programs broaden our knowledge of the crises in healthcare, employment, education, and housing, and show us how we can help in our community. We work by committees, involving all who care to join, in a giving and learning process that makes a difference to us and to our grantees. Each member contributes $1,150 yearly to the Giving Circle, a fund of the Baltimore Community Foundation, and that has allowed us to award more than $5.8 million since 2001 to human service organizations in our community.

By partnering with more than 160 programs we have helped

  • Abused women and children
  • Babies at risk for HIV transmission
  • Pre-teens whose mothers are or were incarcerated
  • Young women who are illiterate, have drug and alcohol addictions, mental illness, and/or unwanted pregnancies
  • Middle-aged women who attend GED classes, learn job, life and interview skills, and attain financial literacy
  • Older women who learn about nutrition, the importance of exercise, and how to care for an Alzheimer’s patient
  • Foreign-born women and children who need support in a strange country

Our grant dollars also

  • Train women to be culinary workers and child care providers
  • Provide computers so women can learn new skills
  • Train mediators, employ case managers, support college counselors
  • Provide free medication and health care
  • Fund English classes for the foreign born
  • Support mentoring programs for teen-age girls
  • Assist women and their families with transitional housing needs