A New Three-Tiered Membership Plan!

Thursday, April 13, 2023

New BWGC Membership Levels

In the Spring of 2023, the BWGC approved new membership levels of $2,500, $1,200, and $600.  

Our membership levels will not be named or highlighted in any way. No special privileges or restrictions will confer to a member based on their choice of membership level.  


To be more accessible to younger women early in their careers, in 2021 the BWGC approved and offered an optional reduced level of membership ($600/annually) for women ages 45 and under. This offering has been well received and the circle currently has 25 U45 members (at the $600 donation level).  Although several women in that age range opted for the regular $1,150 membership.

Reasons for our evolution:

We understand, however, that other members might need this flexibility as well.  Having a flexible dues structure would enable a member to stay in the circle despite changes in financial or work status. 

This change will also make membership more accessible to women with a wide range of economic means who understand and appreciate collective giving and the power of women in philanthropy. Having several choices removes a financial barrier that some might face.

Since membership is renewed annually, members may choose the membership plan that is personally meaningful and aligns with their philanthropic goals year by year.

What this means for the BWGC:

Our founding 52 women made it very clear that all circle members were equal in all ways and that remains the same today.  True to our commitment to equality, all dues levels have equal membership rights –  a $2,500 payment does not entitle membership privileges and a $600 payment does not reduce membership benefits.

We believe asking women to make a meaningful gift through this tiered structure will increase the number of members, increase the total monies available for grantmaking, and create a more economically diverse membership body.